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Participatory Design has a large number of techniques that can be used for requirements elicitation and interaction design. However, choosing a technique (or set of them) suitable for both processes can be challenging. In this sense, in this paper, we present a semio-participatory methodological process – SPIDe – for requirements elicitation integrated with interaction design, by means of a case study, with the objective of investigate if the results of SPIDe application satisfies the needs and desires of users, and how communication process occurs during SPIDe application. This paper contributes to the use of Semiotics and Participatory Design for requirements engineering and interaction design, to the integration of both areas, and to the SPIDe application.

ROSA, JEAN; BRITO, BEATRIZ; GARRIDO, FILIPE; VALENTE, PEDRO; NUNES, NUNO; MATOS, ECIVALDO. Communication on Requirements Elicitation and Interaction Design through SPIDe. In: The 31st International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, 2019, Lisboa, 2019. p. 579-583.